Felling Town Centre

Reeves & Co. are acting on behalf of The Helmsley Group and The Felling Syndicate to aid with proposed plans that will see a transformation of Felling Town Centre.  This page has been set up to provide interested parties with a platform to view the proposals and to make comments on the development. Additionally updates will be provided by the developer in the ‘comments’ section at the bottom of this page


The proposals will see total demolition of the existing Felling Shopping Centre to make was for a new Supermarket and a brand new parade of retail units. The scheme will be built in two stages with the new parade being constructed while the current one remains in situ until such a time as the tenants can be relocated across to the new scheme.

The proposals will see an increased footfall to Felling Town Centre and are expected to be the first step in a major scheme of regeneration for the area which has suffered from a lack of investment over recent years.  Reeves and Co. are assisting in relocating the tenants from the existing parade into the newly proposed scheme as well as dealing with enquiries from other potential tenants.


Planning application – 20th January 2012 – SUBMITTED
Planning approval – March 2012
Start on site – August 2013 (revised date)
Completion  – May 2014

The proposals will see the scheme facing towards Victoria Square (The main Town Square), this proposals will include a scope of re-modelling of Victoria Square to make it more visually and practically appealing. The orientation of the scheme and the car parking will encourage customers towards Felling High Street and provide the catalyst for regeneration


Plan – As existing
Elevations – As existing
Plan – As proposed
Elevations – As proposed
Proposed view from Outside the Bingo Hall, looking towards Booth Street (Click image to enlarge)

Proposed view from Crowhall Lane towards Booth Street (Click image to enlarge)



On behalf of our clients we have recently acquired (March 2012) the former Bingo Hall and Arcade at Felling, we are currently seeking interest in either building and have a few options in the pipeline to see the buildings re-occupied. Details of the property can be found by clicking HERE – NOW LET


Please leave any comments on the below form, or contact us directly on 01904 682800 / info@reevesandco.com  


  1. Thank you to everybody who attended the public consultation on 19th and 20th October at Felling Shopping Parade. Over 1,000 made the effort and the responses and comments recieved are invaluable to us. We were pleased to see that the response was generally very positive, we are looking at addressing a number of the concerns and issues that were raised by local residents and will be updating again in due course. If you wish to make any further comments please do so on his site or contact us directly on 01904 682800 / info@reevesandco.com

    Max Reeves

  2. We are seeking local residents thoughts on what they would like to see happen to Victoria Square. Please add any ideas? Many comments were recieved from the public consultation that the Square could be returned to its original form before the planters were added? – All thoughts welcome

  3. I welcome the plans, a bright vibrant new Felling Square. I agree with removing the planters as they can be welcome during the summer months but cluttered during the winter months. I’d like to see more open space in the centre of felling so maybe good quality paving with some form of pavement lighting feature to make the area feel safe and secure.

    I also wondered after looking at the plans, there seems to be a lot less stores in the square development at this stage than currently exist, are there plans for a phase 2 to include the area where the former Kwiksave and empty shops currently lie?

  4. D – We are currently working on the design for Victoria Sq. with Gateshead Council, your comments are appreciated and I will pass these forward.

    The intention of the scheme is to provide a catalyst for further regeneration in Felling. We (as the developer) have no control over the former Kwiksave site/High steet althrough we are exploring another large site within Felling for improvement.


  5. Anonymous – It is predicted there will be a significantly increased number of jobs created from the development. the present Shopping parade employes approx 59 full time equivalent jobs, the proposed development will be approx. 172.


  6. Thanks for your comments Max, it is good to hear about further opportunities being investigated and look forward to hearing more about that as things progress.

    I also wondered whether I would be right in assuming the supermarket in question is to be an Asda? my attention to detail noticed that on the plans the supermarket has a George stockroom, which of course is the Asda clothing brand.

  7. D – We cannot at the moment announce who the supermarket operator is, we hope to be able to do this shortly – Please treat the plans as indiciative for the time being.


  8. Hi Mark, my understanding is employment opportunities will go to local people so I am assuming that staff from the Co-Op (assuming they are not relocating as part of the development) will be able to apply for any vacancies at any of the stores! Personal experience of the Co-Op though is they look after there employees!

  9. After some delay we are pleased to confirm the planning application was submitted last week. Details are available to view on the Gateshead Council website. All going to plan the development is due to commence January 2013. Regards, Max

  10. that is all very well but until someone does something about the awful public houses in the felling, it will never be what it used to be, a nice friendly place to live where people knew each other and cared. It is not new building’s that make a community they have even closed one of our best schools, sad that people do not know what is important anymore..

  11. I am pleased to announce we have recently purchased the former Bingo Hall and Amusement Arcade at Felling. At present we have no firm plans for the buildings and are currently seeking interest from any parties. However this does represent an exciting opportunity for further regeneration in Felling, we already have interest in the site from a number of potential occupiers and so hope to have the building re-opened in one form or another before the completion of the overall Felling centre re-development.

    All enquiries please contact Max on 01904 682800


  12. Cant really tell from the plans but can the developers be sure to include adequate litter bins sited at sensible positions around the site. I know there will always be people too lazy to use them but more bins will hopefully lessen the amount of litter deposited on our streets. One small step to improve the area we live in.

  13. As a Felling resident and homeowner it is encouraging that investment looks to be forthcoming in an area of Gateshead that desperatly needs it. However the benefits will not be maximised if the current retailers are simply allowed to transfer their low grade trade to new retail units. More effort is needed to drag the standards of Felling retail out of the proverbial gutter and bring in more innovative businesses. I find it difficult to buy into the promised increase in footfall if the same businesses are merely given a superficial polish. Too many retail zones are filling with bookmakers, pawnbrokers and other such purveyors and proponents of the insidious destruction of local retail (to say nothing of the impacts of a single major supermarket).

  14. I couldn’t agree more I really hope that we manage to maintain the bigger multiples presence at Felling Square including Boots, Greggs & Dicksons! I am guessing that lloyds will use the opportunity to close their branch and move all business to Gateshead which seems to be quite common amongst high street branches but it woud be great to see them possibly moving into a a refurbished existing unit on high street or around the development. I also saw somewhere that Holland & Barrett have a requirement for a store in Felling which could be a useful addition to this development! Wishlist for Felling retailers!! Iceland, Argos, Holland & Barrett, Starbucks? (Just a pie in the sky wishlist but thought it would be fun to get a census of the sort of retailers people would like to see)

  15. oh and great news on the bingo hall! I’d love to see this brought back into use as a local amateur dramatics theatre, engaging the local community! I’ve seen this work in other towns before and gives kids the chance to engage in something positive in the area, whilst allowing a leisure activity for residents of felling!

  16. If there is no indication on the plans re the security aspects of a bank (vault etc) I would suggest that Lloyds have made their mind up and are leaving Felling. Alan H

  17. We are pleased to announce that planning for the new development was granted today (4th April 2012).

    The vote was passed unanimously by the planning committee.

    Further announcements will follow confirming the tenant line up and an announcement of the Supermarket operator.

    Development is still due to commence on 1st February 2013. It is planned that all existing tenants will remain in occupation until this time.


  18. Thats fantastic news and a big vote of confidence in Felling! are there any developments in relation to the former bingo hall and potential new uses?

  19. If you look at the small print in the corner on the plans it does say ASDA, so looks like thats what we are getting.

  20. Can you tell us who is going to be in the supermarket is it Asda as everyone thinks it is go on you can tell me I wont tell anyone go on spill the beans.

  21. Just noticed it does it does say Asda on the plans so felling is getting a new Asda supermarket.
    I just hope greggs and boots stay in felling.

  22. Will you be tackling the issue with drug users around the kwik save building and youth ASB around the high street???

  23. D – We are in discussions with a number of tenant’s with a variety of uses for both the Bingo Hall and adjoining Arcade. We are planning to re-open both at the same as the main car park development.

    Mick/Carl – Please treat the plans as indicative at this time, it won’t be long before we can announce the occupier (I have been saying that for a while now but it really will be very shortly!)

    Anonymous – Unfortunately as private developers we have no ownership or control of the Kwik Save building or the High Street. We hope that by introducing investment into the area we can help to improve it and the effects should filter across to the other areas of Felling, such as the High Street.

  24. Any developments on the supermarket commitment? Also you mentioned that you were looking at another large development site in Felling, was this the former Bingo hall you were referring to or is there another site? Has there been any commitments in relation to existing tenants at Victoria Square committed to staying as part of the development? Namely Boots & Greggs?

  25. will you be buying or tacking over the old kwik save store as well as the development that is going on or not

  26. Mark – We have no involvment or plans for the Kwiksave. We have considered what would be done with it and not thought of many solutions! Hopefully this new development will be enough of a draw to attract a new tenant into the building.

    Carl/D – I will be doing an update within 14 days on here

  27. What is the point of a 20th century shopping complex in Felling Square while Felling High St. is stuck in the 18th century? The back of the shops is over-run with rats and would be more suited to a Dicken’s novel. If a complete facelift isn’t achievable then the High St. should be demolished as it will drag the new complex down with it. You only have to look at Gateshead with the regeneration on the quayside and the new bus station built to welcome tourists but one look at the state of Gateshead High St. says it all.

  28. it might be that we have not heard anything because the plans have fell apart and its not happening now or it might be gateshead council stalling things like they did with the trinity square developement it took years for anything to happen but the fact we have not heard anything could mean there is a spanner in the works and that is why we are not being told anything.

  29. I have looked at the plans and for me personally, I am intrigued by the upcoming development. However, I agree with (Margaret Johnson on May 27, 2012) that the whole site needs redevelopment, not just one area.

    I would be very interested to attend any further meeting that are planned and look forward to putting my view forward to consideration.

  30. Dear all,

    Apologies for the delay in updating, I have been holding off until we have something specific to report. We will shortly be in a position to provide a more concrete update, there are just some final i’s to dot and t’s to cross. We are still in line to match our original proposed timescales.

    Max Reeves

  31. Gateshead Council head of environment and regeneration, Peter Thompson, said: “The redevelopment of Felling is a high priority to Gateshead Council.

    “The supermarket led development is a large and complex project and, just like any major project, it takes time. We appreciate that local people will be frustrated, we are as eager as they are to see these improvements completed. But they can rest assured that both the council and developers are working hard to turn these plans into reality.”

    “We are also working on long term plans to improve the vitality of Felling High Street and the surrounding areas. As progress takes place and when we can provide more information, we will ensure that Felling residents are kept informed.”

  32. With reference to some of the previous comments regarding Asda running the Supermarket, revision J dated dated 18/10/11 of the General Arrangement Drawing 1074/23/101, does say that that this amendment has been carried out in accordance with an Asda Drawing. So it seems that it was known 7 months ago that Asda would be the first choice. You only have to see the Asda Supermarkets in South Shields and Boldon to realise how awful these places are. I for one will not be shopping there – Morrisons are much more user-friendly than Asda.

  33. Just heard the BBC as released news that Brownfield development will strech from Gateshead town centre up to Felling .I wonder if this is why we have heard nothing in the last couple of months from the council……It allso says it will take twenty years to complete lol

  34. the brownfield developement it refers to is the sight next to Gateshead Highway and the site of the Go North east Bus Depot on Sunderland Road which is being vacated next year when they move into a new depot at the metro centre.

  35. Anu developments in relation to this scheme or other projects for Felling? I note ot has been some time since any announcements even though an anouncement was iminent! Any news on the supermarket element? Details of retailers staying as part of felling square?

  36. ASDA have signed the contract to take the new supermarket site!! Can’t wait for it to be up and running!! Any news on when ASDA will be open for trade?

  37. Born in felling and sooooooo pleased to see it having a make over!!! lets hope their are jobs for people who live in the area also ….

  38. Dear All,

    On behalf of the developer, we are pleased to confirm ASDA as the supermarket operator, a full tenant line up for the remaining retails units will be released in the not to distant future.

    We are also pleased to announce on behalf of the Landlords of the Bingo Hall site that we are in the later stages of negotiations for a retail tenant of the former Arcade unit adjoining the Bingo Hall on Victoria Square (subject to planning at this stage). It is planned that this will open the same time as the supermarket scheme opposite and will help to bring this redundant building back into use drawing the retail offering of the town back around Victoria square and towards the High Street.

  39. I cannot wait for the opening of this new and exiting development. It will bring Feliing square back to its former glory and encourage a lot of local shopping. Well done

  40. Have Asda payed Gateshead council for the redevelopment , just like Tesco did for the town centre . It makes you wonder how the co-op can get kicked out pretty much overnight, they have been there over 30 years at least.

  41. no asda did not pay gateshead council its the lanloard that is chaging the shopping centre🙂 and i would perferd it to be morrisons the the FAT CATS ASDA

  42. Anonymous on September 28,2012 at 4:35 pm said
    Hoping it will be Morrisons as Asda have enough supermarkets.
    Give Morrisons a chance.
    Will keep fingers crossed.X

  43. Hi Max,
    Can you advise if the co-op will remain? Also, as someone else has commented….are the current retailers remianing or is there scope to bring in new retailers such as starbucks etc? Or are all your retail units taken already?

    For the bingo hall…..having just had two children and having frequnted many many soft plays I think this would make a perfect soft play! I’d love to be able to open it as such myself. I suspect you could offer supervised soft play whilst mumy and daddy did the weekly shopping…,.


  44. any more news yet i hear that its nothing is happing till april now. or maybe its not going ahead anymore (HOPE SO HATE BLOODY ASDA)

  45. Dear Lisa,

    We are relocating some of the tenants from the existing parade, Co-op are not one of those due to re-locate.

    Thank you for the suggestion regarding the Bingo Hall, at the moment we are leaving all options for the building on the table.


  46. Dear Jules,

    We are moving forward with the scheme and are keen to get on site as soon as we are able. Unfortunatly this is quite a complicated develoment with the large number of tenants in the existing parade who we are having to work with, however we are getting there and are still set to proceed early in 2013.


  47. Hello Max,

    Can you tell us who is going to be taking on the new shops which of the existing tenants are are getting the new shops others have mentioned they would like Greggs and Boots to be in the new development which I agree with but can you tell us who is getting them

  48. Hello Max,
    Yes I would still like to have Greggs and Boots in the New Development is there any chance
    they are returning.

  49. Hi Max,
    Is it true the CO OP is not now closing till March – April, if so what is the new start date?

  50. Dear All,

    The full tenant line up should be confirmed shortly.

    We are endeavouring to keep the co-op open for as long as possible until we actually start building on site to minimise the time Felling has without a supermarket facility. As we are still working on technical detail for the project it is likely we will now be pushed back to starting on site March/April.


  51. Hi Max

    Many thanks for the update, can I ask are there any new tenants coming to Felling Square in addition to the already announced Asda store? If there is interest I don’t expect to confirm names but was just wondering whether it was just relocating stores or a combination of new and relocation.


  52. D – It is predominantly stores relocating from the existing parade, we may have one new tenant in the parade but we have not yet got this confirmed.

  53. Dear Mrs P Wallace and Carl,

    One of the units is proposed to remain as a bank.

    You may have noticed some work starting on the Bingo Hall, we hope to shortly be announcing a new occupier for the building which could be open as early as March this year.


  54. Hi,I am glad there is still going to be a ltsb in the Felling.
    So you have started on the Bingo Hall, hopefully it won’t take long to see some progress.

  55. Thanks for the update Max, good to see work underway on bookmakers which is replacing the amusement arcade, assuming this is a relocation to accommodate Ladbrookes continuous trading whilst redevelopment of the square is underway! Great to hear a bank is still located, hoping Boots, Greggs & Dicksons are confirmed tenants soon!

  56. D – We have not actually started works on the bookmaker (Amusement Arcade), instead it is on the main Bingo Hall itself for which we are also very close to signing a tenant.


  57. That’s great news Max! I must admit that’s the tenant I am more curious to hear about as it’s such a large space and with the listed status, I’m guessing converting it for other uses are quite limited! All I know is that it isn’t Wetherspoon’s !!!

  58. to quote the reply I had from Weatherspoons

    ‘Felling is not for unless the whole town centre is redeveloped.

    Thanks for the idea.’

    fingers crossed that the Felling Square redevelopment leads to other parts of Felling square regeneration, would be good to see a Weatherspoon’s in Felling🙂

  59. Thanks re ‘Spoons,Won’t be holding my breath about it.Think they mean never, after all how many town centres are re-developed completely in one go?

  60. strange it’s not showing on the licensing part of Gateshead Councils Website, is there a reference number Max? is there really a demand for another Bingo Hall in Felling? don;t understand why it was closed in the first place if there was?

  61. Hi Max,
    on the plans it states the changes for the junction at holy hill are TBC. I live near the junction and I’m concerned about the increased traffic – particularly the delivery lorries. Can you let me know how they plan to access the supermarket. Which route they plan to take and if any changes will be made to the roads.

  62. Hi Carl / Anonymous / AH – We continue to move forward on delivering this scheme but as I am sure you will appreciate this is a complicated project and it takes time to get all our ducks in a row.

    By way of an update:

    We have now discharged the various planning conditions for the scheme. This is important obstacle which needed to be overcome before work on site could commence. We would like to send our sincere thanks to Gateshead Council for the helpful and efficient way they have assisted us with the planning process. We have been very impressed by their pragmatic and pro-active attitude which has been essential to bring this scheme forward. They have to be congratulated for the way they are encouraging investment into Felling.

    All the documentation in relation to re-locating the existing tenants, agreeing with those that are not being re-located etc is now agreed. This has been a very laborious process with a large number of other parties involved but now we are finally through it.

    In terms of a start date we will soon be commencing more in depth ground investigation survey work and so you will start to see some activity on the ground. Any delays from now will be measure in weeks or months and not years. Please bear with us and rest assured we are working flat out to get this scheme out the ground – The wait will be worth it!

    You may have noticed progress on the Bingo Hall is well under way and will soon be re-opening which we are very pleased about, It is looking great inside having undergone a complete re-fit and I’d suggest well worth a visit when it opens. In addition the tenant for the former Amusement Arcade will also be signed up very shortly (although work on this unit will not start until later on in the year).

    Max Reeves

  63. Anon,Hi Max can you tell us which Supermarket is taking over in the square hoping it will be Morrisons.

  64. When I was a child all shopping was possible at Felling High Street we very rarely were taken to Gateshead and never Newcastle as our needs were met locally it would be wonderful for this facility once again. I have seen Felling Square change several times but I consider the best design (when I was a child) was a small park. People enjoy sitting in the square so a park style design would be good could even have a drink vendor unit. When we had a decent supermarket, Wm Lowes, it was very well patronized and the surrounding shops also did good trade they disappeared when Wm Lowes closed.I am overjoyed that my town is being redeveloped and only hope this opportunity is grasped to make it an attractive shopping area because there are plenty residents in Felling to make it worthwhile

  65. Whereas it is wonderful to see the Imperia come alive again it would of been fantastic to see it return as a cinema – I thought Bingo was a pastime that had outlived it’s popularity.

  66. Never herd anything about the garages being pulled down has anybody else
    got any information about it.Anon

  67. Heard via Co-op employee that they are told they are in work until September so looks like AH you are correct so cannot see Asda Store appearing by Nov this year.

  68. have you still got the funding to go a head with this there seams to be a lot of hold ups with it

  69. Dear all,

    Firstly apologies for the delay in an update:

    We understand the frustration that we are not yet on site. This is shared by us; as you will no doubt understand we are extremely keen to get going on this development.

    We are still trying to jump over the last few technical hurdles to allow us to progress the scheme, we were originally hoping to be well underway by now, however we have had to revise our timescales for starting on site. We are now aiming to commence the development August 2013, at which point the existing co-op will be demolished to make way for the scheme to start. The scheme is due to complete some 9 months later. Up until August we will be carrying out further ground investigation works on site and so you will slowly start to see some progress on the ground.

    I hope you will appreciate that this has been a very complicated project to bring to fruition with lots of different parties involved, we would ask you to bear with us, and we are doing everything in our power to bring this forward as soon as possible and are very nearly there!

    We do not expect any further delays past the new August 2013 start date.

    To confirm we have identified a funding source for the development and this is not the cause of the delay.

    As a by product of the main scheme the former Bingo Hall was purchased and as residents will know part has now re-opened as a Bingo Hall and we are told is well supported by locals whilst the adjacent Amusement Arcade will shortly be re-furbished and will be re-opening as a retail unit.

    This is a welcomed improvement to the area which will no doubt help to increase the vitality of Felling Town Centre.


  70. Good to have details direct from source but shame about the delay was hoping we would see a decent supermarket by Christmas this year but these obstacles happen.

  71. In the summary at the top of the page. it is stated that construction would take place and then stores/tenants would move in. Why is it now being said that the Co-op is closing to enable construction to start?

  72. the proposals state construction would take place and then demolition. Why has the Co-op now to close to before construction?

  73. I’ve knowen since day 1 that the co-op was closing before the construction could start this is not new.

  74. Building a B&Q they would need planning permission first before they could build anything and is only the Asda and the row of shows that has permission thus far!

  75. I think if it was true about Asda which I very much doubt, there would be a few other supermarkets queuing up to take on the store! That said I wouldn’t mind seeing a B&Q built on the old Kwik Save site!

  76. I think a B&Q is a bit adventurous for Felling but if we had some decent stores maybe the high street would come alive again. It’s such a shame that the shops in the middle of the high street have been empty for so long. When Wm Lowes was there all shops around did OK but rubbish supermarkets took over after Wm Lowes closed. However these people have nothing to do with any other area than the Felling Square. There are plenty of people in the Felling area who would be happy to shop in Felling again – so let it happen you people who can turn things around.

  77. Dear All,

    Just to clarify a few points:

    – ASDA are very much still on with the deal and legal documentation has been agreed and completed with them

    – We have had no discussions with B&Q

    – In terms of Timescales, The Co-op will have to be demolished at Day 1 to allow for building of the new Supermarket and shops, all the other remaining shops will remain open until the new scheme is constructed. Once it has been constructed a number of the tenants will move across to the new scheme and the existing parade will be demolished. As much as we would like to keep the Co-op open throughout the build we are unable to due to the constraints of the site

  78. i think there are to meny run down shops in the felling now who would want to open a business there now its onlly going to get werse just look ay them shops by the dole thay are over 10 year old some still have no frounts on them

  79. The spelling is not important. If someone has something constructive to say why worry about the spelling Anonymous.

  80. Hi Max
    When are you going to inform us of the tenents that are moving in to the new scheme?

  81. Are the shops (I think they are shops) they are building in the square opposite Jubilee Pub part of this redevelopment? and does anyone know what they are going to be?. It would be lovely to have a shopping street like we used to have years ago we hardly needed to go into Newcastle.

  82. it would be nice to have some eateries – italian restaurant and a coffee shop also – starbucks or costa. Shame its Asda moving here – we are surrounded by them and it would have been nice to have an M&S or Sainsburys.
    Cant wait for this to start, Felling is a dump and has been for years – lets push out the scrag ends and make it a nice place for us decent people.

  83. Stacy I would love a nice shopping area to browse. I don’t mind it being an Asda as Sainsburys is not far away and at least a supermarket of name will bring folk to shop. I agree it would be lovely to have a restaurant/coffee shop and some one off attractive shops but I think we are living in a cloud wishing for that. A little Jesmond area style would be great.

  84. I have only lived in Felling for 2 years so I don’t know what it looked like in the past.Personally I would like to see the square bordered sparsely with planters and benches with a nice new surface to walk on.

  85. Stacy rather than push the ‘scrag ends’ out how about they are taught to be better instead of making them someone else’s problems. I assume you mean ‘trouble makers’ and not ‘dole claimers’. A nice decently priced cafe would be nice to see there. Calls for a Sainsbury or similar is obviously from people with some money to spend. Felling is not full of only working and middle class. Some people need cheaper shopping close by….. Asda goes some way to helping that (the one in Old Fold is pathetic). I myself am a carer of an adult disabled child and need cheaper shopping close to home to reduce travelling and this proposal is ideal for me and many others.

  86. Tracey if you would like to see pictures of Felling in the past if you are on facebook there is a wonderful group page called Felling past and present if you are not on facebook look at Gatesheadhistory site which has all surrounding areas including Felling.

  87. I was speaking with a Co-Op employee today, who told me that the Co-Op is remaining open until September, so this would seem like a further delay announcement is imminent😦

  88. “Felling is not full of only working and middle class.” Indeed…. if you look at Wikipedia you will see that Felling’s demographic listed: “Only 52.4% of the total working age population are in employment, as compared to 61.7% in the borough overall. Around 10% of residents claim Jobseeker’s Allowance; this is double the Gateshead average and is the highest figure in the borough.[49] Youth unemployment levels are also very high at 14%, which compares to a borough average of 9% and is also the highest figure in Gateshead. The average income of residents is only £18,000 per annum; this compares to a Gateshead average of £27,000 and is the lowest figure in the borough.”

    This said…I’m with Tracey…

  89. Actually…now I think of it…Stacy! Felling Square is a tiny area which manages to support 3 betting shops, 2 amusement arcades, 6 pubs. Nice to see my taxes being spent wisely.

  90. I know I am getting fed up with waiting for the new Felling Square Angela – I do shop at Lidl and Wrekenton Co-op which is better than Felling but I do nip into the Felling one for odd bits.

  91. Your right the Co-op is expensive but what alternative do you have if you haven’t got transport.

  92. Wow snobbery talking about people on the dole and the like – this is Felling Square your talking about and any development we get will be better than what we have now and will be greatly appreciated.

    Hopefully it has a range of shops and we don’t get weighed down with coffee shops, betting shops and things like that it would be nice to have a purpose to goto Felling square like we used to have with WM Lows & Woolworths etc.

    I’d like to see a little area for a food market or some other similar events to attract people to Felling again.

    Would be nice to shop local and hopefully this redevelopment is fit for purpose and doesn’t turn out like that new monstrosity Trinity Square in Gateshead.

  93. The new development in Gateshead is not to my taste however it is a massive improvement on what was there before now they need to start on Gateshead High Street. The old Gateshead Tesco was a terrible shop they altered the dimensions from the original supermarket Safeways changing the entrance from the front to the side and this altered the whole shop so that it never flowed well and I do not know how anyone can prefer it to the new one. I really have high hopes for the development in Felling and would love to return to doing my weekly shop there. So please no more delays lets get started Mr Developer.

  94. Not sure if it is an improvement you used to be able to park and dash in/out for what you wanted at the old Tesco and now you have to go through a nightmare to park and a rigmarole to even get into the shop – and all of this is before the students descend on the place and make shopping at Tesco’s even worse.

    As for the trinity square itself most of the units are being taken by businesses that were already on Jackson street and similar places so all they have done is move the problem of poor shopping to a shiny new building. The phrase “polishing a turd” springs to mind.

    http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1175839 is a good read to see how unhappy people are with that development.

    As for Felling i’d like to see it have a similar offering to that of Jarrow: a supermarket, Wilkingsons, New Look, Argos, B&M, Pizza Hut, Homebargains…things like that. A range of shops to give people a reason to shop at Felling.

  95. I like the New Tesco’s it is spacious and the aisles are nice and wide the only thing I don’t like is the price,

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  97. New Tescos in expensive don’t like it. Hope felling looks better when it finished, But as for coffee shops Costa or Starbucks opening not unless they pay their TAXES. Like everyone of us who work or have retired but still pay Tax

  98. the new tesco in gateshead is good but want them to hurry up and get the other shop units filled i want asda to be built in felling soon because asda is a lot cheaper than tesco.

  99. Hi Max, now that the Blue Bell Public House has come up for sale in Felling Square, have you considered adding this to your portfolio as part of the development?

  100. Hi Max, a quick question regards the council meeting on the 25th June 2013 which states there is a key point on the agenda to change the deal for the redevelopment of Felling Town Centre, is this likely to cause any delay if this is referred by the authority?

  101. D – The negotiations with the council have not led to any delays on this scheme. The delay has been with separate legal negotiations. I am very pleased to confirm we have, as of yesterday afternoon, finalised these negotiations and all relevant documentation has been exchanged. I will provide an update on the revised project timescales shortly.

  102. I got a taxi today and was talking to the taxi driver about the felling development and he said that asda had pulled out of this development anyone else heard this I dont know if the taxi driver is right or not.

  103. Don’t know never heard anything about Asda pulling out but hope it is true which I very much doubt it

  104. Just what the taxi driver said Its first I have heard about it not heard anything else about this.

  105. Be disappointing if Asda did pull out they have the means to make quite an impressive store.

    Glad we have them to look forward to since I was fearing a (ugh) Morrisons being built in Felling.

  106. I heard that an few week ago carl
    and can’t wait till Iceland moves in to where kwik save is at the minute

  107. hope ASDA have pulled out and made way for Morrison’s instead saves me going all the way to Jarrow

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  110. I here Asda has already signed the contract so it’s disappointing that it won’t be Morrisons.

  111. It was mentioned ages ago that Asda was going to be the retailer and they were even sorta shown on the plans which is good news for choice and price which is what we need. We should be thankful it’s not going to be another Tesco’s or a bigger Co-op.

    Never understood the love for Morrisons it’s like a bigger version of heron’s and the one in Jarrow lacks a decent stock range and the place is bloody hacky it would be like having Kwik Save back all over again.

    Btw can anyone remember the name of the supermarket with the Scottish name that was based in the unit where Kwik Save was before Kwik Save moved in? I thought it was Shoprite or Food Giant but im not sure now.

  112. As you will find with all of the regeneration programmes that Gateshead Council have announced they are supermarket led for example, Blaydon, Birtley, Felling & the town centre. This is the basis upon which funding is obtained to redevelop the other parts of the town centre so it’s unlikely that Asda haven’t already committed some time ago prior to the plans progressing to this stage! I can only imagine the negotations are related to fine details things like section 106 agreements to cover landscaping etc.

    In terms of Morrison’s with a store opening Blaydon, & Birtley and stores already at Cowgate, Byker, South Shields & Consett I’m afraid the best you are likely to get from Morrisons is one of the M Local branches, but they have already stated they are not looking for north branches until 2014 at the earliest as they need to improve the logistics to cope with extra store demand!

  113. It was after wm lows and before kwik save early 90s maybe?

    It used to have tight rows of cages with the stock in it and a Scottish sounding name. I’ve photos of it somewhere

    When I worked in KS in 03 there was still a load of WM Lows signs up in the storage area of the eaves nearest the shops/taxi rank😀

  114. Wm Lowes was a decent supermarket everyone that came after it closed was rubbish which sent shoppers elsewhere this caused this area to go into decline and all the shops around eventually closed so – my hope is that when Asda arrives shoppers return to the area.

  115. Starting to think it was Shoprite since they sold all their stores to Kwik Save in around 95 so it makes sense. Thanks for the help Anonymous.

    Wm Low was a lovely store and it had a wide range and if there was anything you were missing you could pick it up easily around Felling. Shopping in the town hasn’t been the same since.

  116. Anonymous 9.35, would you mind sharing the source of your info? or is it that universal taxi driver patter?

  117. Dear All,

    To confirm ASDA are fully committed and have not withdrawn from the scheme. Residents of Felling should start to see some substantial activity on the ground around September 2013.


  118. Thank you Max. I have no doubt rumours will continue to circulate driven by the delays but I for one look forward and welcome Asda to Felling and I am sure they will make a difference to the area.

  119. Max – are we getting the full Asda superstore treatment or just an Asda supermarket?

    For those that don’t know the supermarket branded ones are the more expensive, limited range, local store type Asda’s that took over the Netos. Like the one in Hebburn.

  120. Hi Max – thanks for the info but when are you going to tell us the tenents who are moveing in to the new scheme.

  121. Defiesmeaning

    I can’t this being the full asda superstore at 30,000 sq ft! The metro centre branch is near to 100,000 sq ft at 3 times the size but its still bigger than the former Netto branch on the old fold!

    Whatever happens with Felling Square its going to be for the better, from the contacts I have Greggs are definitely staying as is Dicksons, not got any contacts at any of the others!

  122. Cheers D I should have familiarised myself with the unit sizes.

    Shame it’s only going to be a wee shop and of no use to myself & family since we do big shops so still little/no reason to shop in Felling. Will be useful for some though and the development is still exciting.

    Not surprised Greggs is staying as Felling has the right type of people who will shop there. Besides I heard that the gates of hell have a Greggs so Felling having one is no surprise.

  123. I believe Lloyds Bank and the Newsagent are also included in the new units. The drawings showing the supermarket look as though the building is a fair size surely it will be bigger than the one off the bypass that was previously Netto otherwise it would be pointless

  124. Is the 30,000 the size just for the Asda or for the Asda and the units?

    Wonder how long the businesses in the units will stay viable when Asda will try and undercut them:/

  125. Newsagent gone
    Gregg’s have
    bank have
    Dickson’s gone
    Ladbrokes are moving next to the blue bell + taxi are going above them
    green grocers are going in to the old blockbusters
    specials gone
    ramsdens got 1

  126. Cheers Mark

    Is there any actual plans for the Asda so we can see how much space is for shopping/stock and how much is tills, delivery, storage, trolleys etc?

  127. So Mark the Pally dance is going to be a betting shop plus taxi office – shame had better hopes than that but I suppose it’s better than an empty building.

  128. Not much better though.

    Just hope we can prevent a unit becoming a cash for gold type place or a CEX or a crack converter. If not it will end up like the disappointing Gateshead development.

  129. 25 June 2013


    Chemist commits to Felling

    A leading national chemist is among the latest familiar names to confirm that it will be taking space at a major redevelopment in Tyneside town centre.

    Boots have signed up to a store in a multimillion pound supermarket led redevelopment of Felling Town Centre. The top chain already operates a store in the area set for redevelopment and their commitment to stay in the town is seen as a major boost to the project.

    The scheme, on Crowhall Lane, will be centred around an Asda supermarket and will see around 170 jobs created. Led by developers, The Felling Syndicate, the development will transform the Victoria Square area of Felling Town Centre.

    Other retailers committed to the project include Dean Taxi’s and Ramsden’s, with several other retailers in advanced negotiations.

    Some preliminary works on site have already been carried out. Gateshead Council and The Gateshead Housing Company services have been relocated from the corner of Booth Street to Felling High Street. Major works on site are expected to begin in September 2013 with partial demolition of the existing shopping centre, to make way for the first phase of construction.

    The Felling Syndicate have also recently completed the first phase of refurbishment of the well known bingo hall in Felling Town Centre. This is now operating as a bingo hall once more and a retailer is expected to move into the former amusement arcade later this year.

    John Reeves from The Felling Syndicate said: “We are extremely pleased to have Boot’s committed to the development, they will be an important asset to the shopping parade and will act as a draw for shoppers to come to Felling. We now look forward to moving on to the next stage of this scheme, commencing construction on the ground.”

    Leader of Gateshead Council, Mick Henry, said: “Seeing more stores commit to this project is great news for the town, particularly in such difficult economic times. As well as providing new jobs and opportunities, I hope that this project can act as a catalyst to improve the whole of Felling Town Centre.”

    Local people will benefit from training and recruitment opportunities during the construction of the new supermarket and shops, following a deal reached between Gateshead Council and the developers.

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  131. i was told all the shops in the felling are coming down and thay are puting an open market like at south sheilds so the taxi driver told me

  132. That seems very unlikely Anonymous – if the shops cannot make it I doubt a market will and the project for Felling Square is signed and sealed (we are told).

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  134. neworleansbio – Kindly stop using this site to promote your website which everyone is ignoring anyway because the purpose of this is to make sensible comments about our town’s plan for redevelopment.

  135. i think the taxi drivers are playing games to see what people will post on here one told me the new bus dept was going to be built here

  136. that sounds about right the coop closes 17 aug then a couple of weeks for coop staff to clear out store then equipment starts coming on sit around september to start work max did say it would start in septemer so time scale about right.

  137. That will leave Felling folk no supermarket for almost a year someone is missing an opportunity here like free bus to one of the big ones

  138. AH – It is rare that any deadlines are met which is ridiculous when so many people are unemployed and new building projects are badly needed to give jobs but sadly it is the world we now live in and we just accept because what else can we do?

  139. A free Bus started operating today from Wardley to Tesco Trinity Square Gateshead stopping at Felling Square quarter to the hour every hour between 0930 and 1530 Monday to Saturday. This bus is operated on behalf of Tesco by Central Taxis of Gateshead Ltd.

  140. This is a good idea at least it gives you the option of shopping else where.
    and not just in Felling.

  141. thats a might big Iceland by all accounts! but if true thats great news! fingers crossed it as a knock on effect to the rest of the the shopping area.

  142. i hope them garages at the rear of the high street are going have you seen the mess thay have in the car park oil all over and bits of old carpet

  143. Are there any plans for the Bluebell? It’s a scar on the square, or is it out with development?

  144. Best of Luck to all the staff at the coop old and new that have served the community well over the last 100 years

  145. Dear Anonymous,

    Yes – We will shortly be commmencing demolition of the Co-op store which will allow us to complete the ground investigation works, this will take a couple of months to complete and then the actual building work can commence.

    The Bluebell is outside of our site and so is not involved in the re-development, the same applies to the garages which are not within our site.


  146. thought work was to be started 2 WEEKS AGO look like Gateshead all over and have to wait fooking 10ys just to see something happen

  147. It’s not really the pubs buildings themselves that are the problem as they just need a clean/tlc – it’s the mismanagement of them and having to cater for the dregs of our society to survive that is causing the problems.

    The pubs have just lost some pride (like the rest of Felling) but hopefully when surrounded by a brand new development they will start to improve.

    The Blue Bell could make a cracking chain pub if someone w/vision took it on.

  148. Again the building itself just needs a renovation inside/outside and has the potential to be a great pub.

    It’s the rough customers inside of the pub that let it down but that’s because of mismanagement and catering to the cheaper end of the market.

    A certain section of the population of Felling has to change before we see any real change in the area imo.

    Also couldn’t hurt to have more of a Police presence in the area to deter drunks and dealers.

  149. Yeah you say that but if one of them was took on by a Wetherspoons or something similar you’d soon be a regular.

  150. I really do not consider that the above comment is appropriate or beneficial to anyone is that why it is made by an”Anonymous” person.

  151. Whatever regeneration happens in felling has to be a good thing felling has been neglected for far too long.

  152. The Blue Belle was a great pub when they had regular Live bands and music upstairs. However it struggles and part of the problem is generational. Young folks go over the Toon. They may go into the Blue Belle for a drink prior to getting on the Metro (like The Swan at Heworth), but the bulk of their cash is spent elsewhere.

    Sadly, this means that the mainstay of regular income for the pub is the old lags, betting shop clientele and the unemployed. Let’s face it, anyone sitting in a pub at 2pm, long after any lunch break is there to drink, and meet others who have the same mindset. The same is true of The Victoria. Bear in mind too, given the size of Felling Square and the populous, it can afford to support 7 gambling establishments. There is money to spend in Felling, but the customer demographic is utterly depressing.

  153. Very true Angela – the only pubs outside of the city who survive are ones who do decent food so maybe this is a way to go for The Blue Bell – maybe if Weatherspoons took it on it would be OK.

  154. Wetherspoons would be great, but I fear Felling is not the place to find their customer base. A nice – note the word ‘nice’ Cafe would be welcome. Dragones was good, but suffered from being upstairs and went considerably downhill with the plastic patio furniture and poor offerings. The current resurrection is a poor shadow of a great history in Felling, for those of us who recall the ice cream parlour with marble counter, proper booth seats and a Juke Box!

  155. I did not think Weatherspoons would do well in Gateshead but The Tilley Stone seems to be thriving. The beer is reasonably priced for the drinkers and a nice cuppa or meal for the shoppers could do OK. Angela.

  156. Anon A: Currently anything would be an improvement (all be it slight) nothing seems to be happening

  157. AH I think Weatherspoons missed a trick not opening in Low Fell it is a very popular strip but I agree re the Felling. I would have thought they would have been more successful in Low Fell than Gateshead.

  158. The rumour of Iceland opening there has been circulating for months I will believe it when it happens as there is no substance to the rumour.

  159. not sure why the Co-Op closed down so early when clearly there is no urgency to get started on this project?

  160. I thought work had commenced when I saw work going on last Thurs but all is back to normal now and I have been told water has been found under the car park which will cause a further delay – true or not?

  161. Its not good enough we could of still been using the co-op,
    at least we would still have some where near to shop instead of having
    to go elsewhere.

  162. with the new shopping centre to arrive hope developers have made provisions for the amount of horses in felling they should at least have a trough water can be supplied by the blue bell

  163. There is definately going to be an Iceland as they are advertising p/t jobs right now on the Jobcentre website.

  164. Just been in touch with Iceland Head Office and the new Felling store is due to open on 11th March. Thank goodness something is happening.

  165. Iceland is good but it’s not a supermarket so Felling is still without a proper Supermarket – not had the council magazine as yet.

  166. well no a supermarket in the sence of everyday produce but will be some further retail options for Felling! I just hope that it leads to some better investment in the shopping centre surrounding where Kwiksave currently is!

  167. Dear all,

    We needed the co-op unit vacant in order to carry out ground investigation works under the store footprint, this involved demolishing a proportion of the ceiling for the drilling rig and was unavoidable unfortunately. Further ground investigation work were completed last week and so there will be some physical progress on site early in the new year.

    Rest assured we are progressing with this scheme as fast as possible, unfortunately with a large complicated scheme such as this delays are hard to avoid, the scheme is moving ahead with the full support of all involved.

    Max Reeves

  168. Thank you for the update Max. I am sure you will appreciate that the good folk of Felling are now without a supermarket and therefore very anxious to have Asda installed. Personally I am a car driver and can travel for shopping but many housewives in the area are not so fortunate and now have bus journeys to do their weekly shop. I look forward to the start and completion of your redevelopment.

  169. I wouldn’t agree that this is a large scheme, just looks like a reasonably medium sized job. I would consider the Metro Centre to be large.

  170. back in the early 80’s when i moved to felling, they said they would do up the town centre. they built wm laws and smaller shops. Laws closed when tesco bought them out. kwik save had it for a wile. since then, they have been empty for years. why dont they reuse them to make a larger shopping centre?

  171. Anon A:
    Has anyone heard that Iceland has pulled out of opening in Felling (Kwik Save shop) I am hoping this is only a rumour

  172. Unfortunately it’s true Iceland have pulled out. They went as far as advertising jobs then told applicants that they had pulled out.

  173. The delays with felling square has likely had a knock on effect, judging on current movements it’s highly unlikely that demolition will have started on felling square by the time Iceland wanted to open, really can’t see any shops opening in felling square before 2015! Iceland likely thought they would be subsidising sales for the next year considering original plans had felling square opening middle of this year!

  174. Anon A:
    Sorry to learn that it is true about Iceland pulling out, many people are struggling to get basic stuff without making a bus journey, doesn’t look as if the situation is going to ease before 2015. (not good)

  175. I’ve been onto Iceland once again and they say the refurbishment is “paused” and they may come back. Was’nt given a reason though. Hopefully they do decide to open.

  176. Anon A:

    Sorry for repeating all that I couldn’t get the message to post and kept trying, and you know what happene

  177. Is anything going to ever happen with this development ??? the co-op is now shut, nearby shops empty or of no use to anyone. The only place that looks to be thriving is the bookmakers and job centre. If nothing happens soon I doubt it ever will !

  178. Herons is always busy so people still want to shop at Felling. Apparently tests have taken place inside the Co-op building but I agree the delay is very disappointing the developers promised work would take place on the ground early in this new year – well developers where are you?

  179. This has borne all the hallmarks of the Tesco/Trinity Square/car park farce since the very beginning.Don’t hold your breath. Amateurs at work.

  180. Artist’s impression seems a bit optomistic…. Mini and BMW in the car park ! And I’ve never seen anyone having a jolly walk in flip flops with a coffee

  181. You are right there it looks as though its never going to start.
    Pull your finger out boys and get started.

  182. This is beyond a joke. Please can you provide everyone with an update where you’re at? Is anything going to happen any time soon?

  183. I have been told asda have definitely pulled out of opening in felling the developers are trying to find another retailer for the store before they start work hopefully start work around june or July.

  184. Lots of rumours going around though. I have heard small Asda at bottom of Felling is closing when they build this one and the manager there is taking over the new one – confirmation of what is the truth would be nice Max.

  185. A delay that is now almost 6 months without any news/developments speaks volumes.IMO the thing is almost dead in the water.

  186. Dear All,

    To confirm all parties remain fully committed to this development.

    The only delay we have is finalising some detailed highway drawings. The commencement of the works is delayed because there are numerous parties involved, all of whom need to sign off the changes, there is no avoiding this unfortunately.

    We remain dedicated to getting on the ground as soon as we physically can and have our contractors lined up and ready to go as soon as the last points of administration are passed. We latest project timetable is for commencement March 2014.

    We are as keen as anybody to get this project rolling.

    Kind Regards

  187. Thank you Max for making the above statement. I am sick of hearing the rumour that Asda has pulled out. Once work starts I am sure it will progress quickly as these buildings seem to be constructed quite quickly.

  188. Max hasn’t been sacked, I’m just assuming he’s a little bit busier with his job than being able to sit on here providing updates every 5 minutes!

  189. Re Anon above. Max has 1post on 11/2/14. prior to that one on 19/12/13.Its’ no surprise rumours abound when there is such a lack of info.

  190. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to
    me. Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and
    checking back frequently!

  191. Hi Max how about an update on when things are going to happen? Is there a tennent list available yet.

  192. Dear All,

    We are in the final throws before being able to start on site and are progressing as quickly as we are physically able whilst dealing with the usual obstacles which fall in the way of development. All parties remain fully committed to commencing works at the earliest opportunity.

    The anticipated physical start date for works is June 2014.


  193. There were surveyor-type blokes spotted on thursday in and around the shops.Just a month after the original expected opening date.Hey Ho.

  194. You’ve made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for more information about the issue and found most
    people will go along with your views on this web site.

  195. Anon A: It is a long time to be without a supermarket – lot of people struggling here

  196. Thursday’s Journal had a Department of Transport notice announcing the closure of Booth Street,part of Coldwell Lane and Holly Hill Gardens. So must have to do with the building of the supermarket.

  197. Please please please any more information on anything happening in felling we are desperate for any news

  198. Hi Max, I know you had a meeting yesterday to finalise and agree start dates etc. So you must be in a position to giv us some news.

  199. Well unless they star by Monday.the action on the ground in June won’t have happened.It’s farcical now.

  200. Anon A: Really difficult now for busy mothers and the elderly – not a sign of any progress
    looks like they are going to face another winter without a supermarket.

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  202. I think the reason we are not hearing anything is because it has all fell through either asda has pulled out or gateshead council has pulled the plug on this development or something else has happened.

  203. A conspiracy theory originally meant the “theory” that an event or phenomenon was the result of conspiracy between interested parties; however, from the mid-1960s onward, it is often used to denote ridiculous, misconceived, paranoid, unfounded, outlandish or irrational theories. The problem is this results in possibly-rational conspiracy theories getting lost in the midst of the noise of newsworthy but disingenuous ideas such as New World Order or the Moon landing hoax.

  204. “Completion – May 2014” Walked past the “site” today, just the usual bunch of chavs etc sat about, no work has even started. The coop might as well have stayed open it was just about better than nothing

  205. It would be nice Max if when you fail again to keep to a date for the start of the project you at least let the good folk of Felling know why? They have been without a supermarket now for 18 months?

  206. I no longer live in Felling, but my family does, and I follow the(lack of)progress of this scheme with interest. I presume there have been public meetings to discuss why nothing is happening?
    When I visit my family, I see everyone is angry and fed up with what is going on…..are council meetings in the UK open to the public? It seems nothing is transmitted to the populace!

  207. It is the developing company not the council. However, just to comment on all the stories going around the area “Asda have not pulled out”. I spoke to an employee of Asda yesterday who told me at their January meeting it was announced that the new shop in the Felling had been all “signed off for building” and the small Asda off the byepass will close when “eventually” the new one is built. It would be nice to have an update Max on the position now.

  208. We need the council to do what they did with the interchange development(wilkos) ie. step in and get the thing completed.The developer has either got cold feet or no cash.

  209. Interesting that “Max”, (would you buy a used car from someone called this?!), has been singularly quiet!

  210. I live on the square, and I would like some further information. I have a private landlord and no information has been given to me regarding re-locating.

    Can you please advise me where exactly is being demolished, and where isnt (if any of the shops on the high street are – other than the closed down supermarket)?

    Also – when will you be starting with the new Asda?! Sick of traveling down to the bypass!

    I’d be greatful if you could reply.


  211. I can answer your question although I have nothing to do with Reeves – they are not touching the High Street. The redevelopment is from the ex council building to Felling Square. I other words being demolished is ex council building, old Co-op and all the shops inbetween up to Lloyds bank. However I do believe it will be done in stages because Lloyds told me they will be there until they move into their new premises. The Square will also be redesigned as will the car park.

  212. I don’t know how true it is but I have heard they are just waiting for the contractors to give the start dates now as everything has been signed off.

  213. Any further news on a start date please.
    Felling is looking bloody awful to be fair.
    The council have given up keeping the area maintained which I can kind of understand with the development being imminent, it has been imminent for a long time now.
    Any news would be welcome.
    Thank You

  214. Now 3 MONTHS since “we hope to be on the ground in JUNE” abysmal doesn’t describe this pantomime.(who would bet it starts before the panto season)

  215. Just heard they are starting frackin up the felling next week in the car park hope these taxi driver s are only playing games

  216. Nice to see the developers keeping everyone up-to-date regarding delay – er, not! They’re not even bothering to monitor comments judging by the lack of response to them. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for this lot being responsible for the Felling’s redevelopment if they can’t even be bothered to update news.

  217. Dear All,

    We are working to get this project started on site as soon as we possibly can. We are as keen as anybody to get started on site and move this project forward as fast as possible, it is of no benefit to us to see the site undeveloped and we are working through the unforeseen delays.

    We are expecting to be confirm that contractors have been instructed any day, at present we are unable to.


  218. Dear K – None of the existing High Street is being redeveloped, just the 1960’s shopping parade and car park.


  219. Well Max what’s happening now no news is good news so they say almost 3 years now still no new shops why not just pull all the empty shops down use the old quick save building stop messing people about if the empty shops won’t rent out what makes you think new ones will all of the out of town sites have killed of high street shopping will there be a shoe shop in felling no so why not leave it be the shops lower down the highsteet are in very good order but never let if any thing you shud build one like the gallarys in Washington

  220. The redevelopment company have nothing to do with the High Street the only area they are developing is the Square. I agree that to let the people know what the present hold up is would be nice as the area has been without any supermarket for a very long time and indeed is facing another Christmas without groceries. The High Street should be turned into housing the high street area is now the square. Maybe we should be asking Asda why they are not pushing for a start date?

  221. I think the only company s that will take the new shops will be the ones that leave the old ones so why not bother building new ones its plan to see no retailers want to come to the felling so why .not just use the shops on the high street and the old kwicksave job dunn

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  223. Felling coast town the only shops that will have any chance to stay open are all ready there leave it alone all the empty old shops will soon be lots of empty new ones

  224. The whole iron workings thing doesn’t really hold water. A steel box construction isn’t that heavy, even compared to what’s already there. All in all, this is becoming a bit of a farce.

  225. The whole excuse is a smokescreen.The workings’ were there in the 60s’ when the present shops were built,not causing any undue problems.Anyway, the workings have been there for around 200 years so shoudn’t have been a surprise.

  226. I have been in Greggs this morning and the girl said they have had an email this morning saying the are starting to demolish the co-op at the end of October. I this is correct.

  227. Hi Everyone… I’m thinking of opening a Unisex Hair Salon on felling high street. Would you use it? x x x

  228. Hi Everyone… I’m thinking of opening a Unisex Hair Salon on felling high street. Would you use it? x x x

  229. Hi Everyone… I’m thinking of opening a New and Exciting Unisex Hair Salon on felling high street. Would you use it? if not Why?? x x x

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  231. Hi Max when is this farce going to start have you got good shopping facilities where you life over three years now

  232. Can we please have some sort of update, its the total silence from yourselves that is getting people annoyed and leaving the sort of comments that are surely not good for your business. What is the point of having a section where people can post questions when no one answers. Im sure you can understand questions when the building and shops should of all been up and running some time ago but have not even began yet. So please give us an update.

  233. This isn’t an official update from Max, however when I walked past co-op on Saturday morning there were sound of work going on inside, such as drilling etc. Very loud! So something must have started???

  234. Max do you now work for felling taxis the drivers seem to know more than reeves and co do come on tell us when we can shop in the felling

  235. Dear All,

    There will be a public announcement shortly confirming the date for starting on site.


  236. Had a tweet from Ian Mearns,Gateshead MP today,he stated that demolition will start of the existing store and council offices in November.That will be completed by the end of the year.Construction of the new buildings will begin in January 2015.

  237. Max

    When will the start date for work officially be announced? I’ve noticed today that signs have been put up regarding Asda applying for a licence to sell alcohol in felling so i assume the store must be coming and building work to comence soon?

  238. I’ve heard the site is being handed over to the contractors on the 5th November and work comencing 10th November. These dates are supposed to have come from Thompsons the demolition company.

  239. Anon A: There are notices on lampposts (blue) near and opposite old rent office re Asda application for an off licence

  240. The taxi driver that picked me up said the coop is opening back up next week the new shopping project has fell through no one wants to invest in felling

  241. I’ll believe it when I see it ive haven’t heard anything and I work for coop and know the area manager and he knows fuck all

  242. These taxi drivers are full of crap. I’m sorry but how can the co op open up when the building it was in has been gutted inside. According to the girls in Gregg’s (who I’m inclined to believe as they are affected by it) demolition work starts this week, asda opens In Feb and Greggs move into their new unit in September.

    Asda applied for a alcohol licience in mid October for a felling store. They have not pulled out, this rumour has been doing the rounds for years.

  243. Rubbish – they are starting demolition today – look at the square the trees are marked to come out and notices for Asda’s alcohol licence have been posted around.

  244. Anonymous the demolition company have moved in the porta cabin today! I’ve seen it. Next to felling Taxi’s. They don’t start demolition the day they move in it takes a few days to get started

  245. Walked passed this morning. Demolition company have sealed off access to old COOP building, the old council office and felling Taxi building and they are fairly noticable there now. According to one of the men I spoke to they start demolition this week and expect to be finished by end of year, then building work on the new Asda starts in the New Year!!! Finally some movement!

  246. The taxi drivers talk through the ass dont believe an word they tell you the new shop will be finished and open for business next December 2015

  247. I’m pretty sure the taxi drivers are taking the pee out of you now. A demolition company who does fracking! Lol heard it all now.

    They must sit in that office and make this rubbish up, honestly how stupid do they think people are.

    Hopefully will see some movement on the demolition soon. I think they will Start this coming week

  248. I agree – the taxi drivers say anything. Demolition on the Council Offices started this week it’s all railed off as is the top part of the car park and workmen were inside when I passed yesterday.

  249. Ive heard (but not seen as im not in Felling today) that they have started to knock down the old Council Office today! Wont be long till its all down and they finally start with the construction🙂

  250. The Felling,

    Get ready for change, people of Felling deserve what’s coming and its all good, the area will be
    revitalised, stick together and enjoy.


  251. According to the made in tyne and wear news they hav started building the new asda and they mentioned Boots, Greggs and Lloyds bank will also be in the new shops.
    There is also a new sweet shop next to the Blue Bell pub the shaop that used to be the fruit and veg shop.

  252. Sounds like to me that greggs, bank, ect. Have all had a big argument on relocating there shops due to the fact that the council have probbly tried forceing them out but have had a little problem which has only takeing 3 years to sort out , well there u are it explains it allllll (doesnt it max).

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  254. I complained to Lloyds about the closure and they said if enough people complained they would look at it again – so – there is an online complaint form you can fill out.

  255. there is now a petition to ask Lloyds to transfer the branch to the new development. Please share this with everyone you know – it might make a difference!


    Copy and paste onto your browser or keep an eye on the Felling Bingo website

  256. From what I can see from the signage application, the Lloyds branch is switching to a TSB branch. It also seems that Dicksons is no longer part of Felling Square though in its place we have gained a Subway outlet alongside Boots, Greggs & a Taxi Office.

  257. Five of the six unit’s have been taken according to Rightmove the sixth unit is still available.

    Unit 1 – Dean Taxis.
    Unit 2 – Subway.
    Unit 3 – Boots.
    Unit 4 – Greggs.
    Unit 5 – Card Factory.
    Unit 6 – Vacant.

  258. Looks like your right unless TSB are going somewhere else? the signage application that Asda have applied for has the TSB Logo as part of the application, all I can hope is that the finish of this development will have a knock on and that money will be spent on refurbishing the shops in the High Street and then either refurbish Hollyhill Shopping centre or redevelopment of the site, it would be great to see this developed and a new iceland and B&M bargains added to sit alongside Asda. I must admit I am sad to see Dicksons go, hopefully they will retrun again in the future.

  259. I don’t know if this is all true on the rightmove website it does say that there is one unit still available so the bank could go there.

  260. That plan was dropped over a year ago when the delays set in! Fingers crossed they resurrect it when felling square is finished but o heard they spent the money on doing the Gateshead store up instead

  261. it was going to cost to much money todo it out so they pulled out and it was going to borth
    Iceland and farmfoods in the same shop

  262. Walked past the new units etc today and can’t believe the difference. Last time I saw them they were still being built! The new look Greggs is nice now it’s the same as all the other refurbished ones. Just hope Subway moves in soon too.
    Kinda guess won’t be long now till they start pulling the old units down to make way for the car park saying the barriers are going back up

  263. Does anyone know whether they’ll be cutting down the trees in Felling Square. That would be really upsetting if that happened. It’s actually a lovely square with lots of seating and the trees, It just needs a bit of TLC and would be a real asset to Felling.

  264. Aww was hoping it’d be open for Christmas. They started demolishing the old units today. Visited the Greggs and Card Factory – both need to learn to keep their doors shut as the units had soaked floors and it was damn chilly. Not sure the reason for keeping their doors open like this? If it’s to let folk know that they are Open for Business a large notice in the window would serve far better than opening your shop to the elements!

  265. Nice article in yesterday’s evening chronicle. Store opens in March, shop fitters now inside the Asda fitting it out and the main sign is now up advertising the fact Asda is going to be there. Car park still a mud pile but sure will be finished before long. Interesting though that the chronicle article stated a lloyds bank is to open too, so maybe they are taking over the final empty unit? Also this will be the first Asda in the north east and one of the few in the UK to offer an express diner service, basically pre prepared and cooked evening meals for you to takeaway home

  266. The old Asda on the fold is staying, the fact its under a certain size means it can trade at times when the big Asda will not be able to.

  267. Asda have officially announced this store will open at 10am on Monday 14th March. Finally after years and years of nothing Felling is back on the map

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